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The Winery

Located in the heart of the coast ofBordeaux, the Château Dubuc-Courtade advantage of outstanding natural factors: generous sunshine and limestone clay soils and producing high quality grapes.

The vineyard is composed of noble grapes ofBordeaux: 60% Merlot and 40 % Cabernet. The grapes are fermented in its cellars, boasting a modern facility. A portion of the wine is aged in oak barrels.

Fully bottled at the chateau, the average annual production of 30,000 bottles. Many times medalists, these wines are proud ambassadors of the typicality of Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux and can neighborly without fear on the tables with the most famous Bordeaux Red.

Castle Courtade-Dubuc also offers a range of gourmet products: the Courtadises, made from grapes and wine.


A family estate
The Courtade-Dubuc estate came into the property of Mrs Francoise Daron in 1947. She managed the estate for 30 years prior to leasing it out for the next 17 years. In 1994, the estate regained a manager from the original owners when Hubert Daron, the son of Mrs Francoise Daron, assumed the responsibility of returning to the estate its former reputation.

The estate’s history
Château Coutade-Dubuc has not always been known by this name, but rather by several different names throughout its past. In 1874, when owned by a Captain Labory, it was known as Château Labory. In 1898, following the decease of Captain Labory, his widow renamed the estate Château Courtade-Labory. The estate’s next owner, a Mr de Villamil who took over in 1929, then shortened its name to Château Courtade. Finally, on becoming the property of Mr and Mrs Vie, it was given the name Château Courtade-Dubuc to differenciate it from its past.